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The KALI Energy Therapist Certification Program will begin with a 6-day mandatory in-person event, conducted as both an intensive learning experience,

and a deep immersion into Energy Healing, Kundalini Activation, 

touch upon Inner Dance and the science behind the magic.

Following the in-person training, there is a bonus 4 month follow-up program 

on-line with further transmissions (3-4 per month), 

weekly or bi-weekly practice to channel remotely, 

guidance and suggestions for starting your own practice if desired. 

 As a result of the program, you will grow spiritually, 

be able to channel and transmit energy.  

You may pursue this path either for personal development and spiritual growth 

and/ pursue it to share this gift with others.

To embody this energy, you must become a high level channel. 

You may also start to channel light code during and after the training. 

You will experience profound changes and healing during this program 

which will exponentially cause shifts in consciousness, 

change your life and the way you perceive it.  

You will be certified as a KALI Energy Therapist at the end of the program.

Thank you for your interest in KALI Certification Program!

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 Program Details

*The dates for the Certification Program:

 April 25, 2023 to April 30th, 2023 in San Diego, CA.

Start time is 1PM on April 25th and 

End time is 4PM -5PM on April 30th.

(The start & end times on the other days will vary, 

but they are full days.)

The Summer training dates are 8/8/2023 to 8/13/2023.

Thank you for your interest!

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Wh​at is KALI​ Energy Therapy?

KALI is a powerful energy-healing modality that activates the movement of kundalini energy within the body and assists us in transforming our lives. Experience a level of oneness that will stay with you. Awaken to the treasure within you.

Kundalini energy is​ present in all humans and is often referred to as the "life force" or "sacred fire." It is the subtle force that connects us to the universe.

Through KALI, we explore our inner potential and initiate an unfolding of awareness that dissolves blockages, rebalances our chakras, and leads to higher states of consciousness and a deeper understanding of the personal and human experience. 

How does KALI Energy Therapy work?

During a KALI session, a facilitator works with energy, light, the power of sound and vibratory resonance to guide you on a transformative inner journey. The goal of KALI is to help you somatically release emotions that are no longer serving you, move beyond layers of fear and pain, and heal deep-rooted blocks. 


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Disclaimer: Please note: KALI is NOT advised for people prone to manic or psychotic episodes/schizophrenia and epilepsy. KALI is not safe for those prone to mania, delusion, or psychosis.

By attending a session, you certify that you have read and agree to the terms, privacy legal disclaimer.

Email:  [email protected]  Phone: 858-829-7522

In Person Service Area:  San Diego County, CA 92101 USA