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Reiki or Energy Therapy

Minh Clare will work with your energy to help you achieve higher states of consciousness. 

Find out what the removal of energetic body obstructions and correcting the flow of energy can do for you.


Private Kundalini Activation 

It is recommended to do 3 sessions as close together as possible. The first session is removing the energetic build up and clearing of the energy channels. In the following sessions, the energy begins to flow. This process has a cumulative effect, so the more you are exposed to the energy, the more powerful it becomes.


Kundalini Activation Process 

( Group Workshop)

Enjoy a  KAP Session Virtually or In-Person Options 

(locations may vary).

Snacks provided afterwards in a safe space to mingle and share your experience

Schedule Virtual

Schedule In-Person

Intuition Coaching Session 

Do you believe in a predestined path? Perhaps you want to challenge fate and take matters into your own hands?

Minh Clare will help you interpret the map of your life and guide you in choosing the next step. Coaching sessions will hone in on your core blockages quickly and expand from there with accurate insight.


Private Reading 

With many years of Private and Group Readings, Minh Clare is able to provide channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Self. She delivers guidance and clarity for your specific life circumstances with love and grace.


Private Group Sessions

Minh has been asked to offer her work at private retreats and studios both nationally and inter-nationally.

Please call to discuss details if you would like to arrange for a small, private group at your home, retreat, or request a KAP class at your studio. 



No journey is as bumpy and winding as life. You may find yourself at a crossroads or encounter pitfalls along the way. 

Even if you feel lost or uncertain about which direction to take next, 

Minh Clare can guide you in finding the best path to living your most extraordinary life.

Don't see the appointment type you're looking for? Send an email to [email protected] for assistance!


"The Newest Wellness Trend to have on Your Radar. " -VOGUE [Scandinavia] 

Discover Kundalini Activation Process to reconnect to your Power.

Minh Clare is one of the first accredited KAP facilitators in the US/ World with extensive experience 

holding hundreds of group and private sessions since being accredited. 


During the process, Minh, creates an energetic container for participants to experience 

their own vitality and energy (or Kundalini, Chi, Qi) . 

During a session participants may feel a heightened sense of self awareness via physical sensations, spontaneous muscle movements, breathing patterns, vocalization, or visual stimulation - 

ultimately leading to an extraordinary feeling of deep relaxation.

The Kundalini Activation Process is passive so that no action is required other than laying down on a yoga mat. 

The energy healing takes place with or without physical contact made by Minh to the participant (touching is not required). 

While there has never been reports of any overwhelming physical discomfort during any session, 

emotionally, participants may undergo cathartic release that may include mourning, or grieving that ultimately leaves participants feeling more free than the initial start of the session.

Minh Clare tries to ensure that participants feel safe and unrestricted. 

She has proficiency in alternative healing modalities such as (but not limited to):

-Using the human body's meridian or nerve plexus system to activate aspects of the participant's subconscious

-Utilizing non-visible aspects of the human body's electromagnetic field

-Enabling physical sensations in participants with no physical contact.

If you would like to read the over 100 FIVE star reviews from Minh's clients, pls google Minh Clare.'m