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Over 100 Five Star Reviews Internationally

Clients continue to leave incredible 5-star reviews for Minh. Take a look at what others have to say about their experiences.

Watch this 1:30 minute Video to hear Minh Clare's Client Testimonials!

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"Working with Minh Clare is a unique experience that you’ll never forget.

Her ability to tune in to Spirit on your behalf is profound and can certainly be transformative.

She is not only very connected beyond this earthly plane, but is warm, fun, and has a great sense of humor.

She is down to earth and welcomes you into her space without judgement.

Choosing to work with her will be a gift that keeps giving well beyond your sessions together. I highly recommend her services to you! You won’t regret it!"

Charla A., EdD, LMFT

"I've hired Minh for both events and personal psychic services. I've found her a great addition either to groups or individuals to bring forth messages pertinent to your questions. I'm still amazed how she can mention facts about my friends whom she has never met or seen before. I really recommend giving Minh a try.  The experience is well worth the wait and price. Be open to new possibilities. Word of advice, really know what you want to ask about and have meaningful questions beyond yes or no answers to discover  Minh's capabilities. I hope you enjoy your experience."

Sylvvari R., LAc

"Minh Clare is truly gifted and a blessing to this world. She is a healer in all regards. I have been working with her for 6 months and have had nothing but miracles in my physical, mental and spiritual health. My knee pain is gone and I can run, dance, surf and play basketball with the big boys again. I even joined a Judo dojo and jumped right in to Martial Arts! Altitude sickness is completely gone. Stress levels are way down. My daughter has also been doing KAP and she is the happiest kid I have ever seen! She is thriving academically, emotionally, and physically."

Diana R., PA

"Minh's gifts are incredible, as well as undeniable. Her ability to hold such a sacred, loving space for her clients is a phenomenal skill in itself. Her techniques are unique and extraordinary in comparison to other alternative medical practices or energy healing modalities."

Chiffon L., MBA

"I personally loved my session with Minh. She gave me such clarity in all aspects of my life. She was able to channel exactly what my ex would have said & help me process the grief and sense of loss. She also was able to perform healing reiki on me as well. Truly gifted and loving person. I highly recommend Minh Clare!"

Jason L., DDS

"Minh is a truly gifted spiritual healer, someone who you can trust and be vulnerable with in your spiritual path. When I experienced a session under her guidance, I went into a deep trance and had meaningful visual journeys - afterwards I felt like I was vibrating and just blissful. Thanks Minh for sharing your gifts with the community!"


More Client Testimonials!

Watch these Client Testimonial Videos to learn more about the profound experience of just some of Minh Clare's Clients.

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Melanie's Testimonial

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Iskra's Testimonial​

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"Minh's sessions are incredibly transformative. You can feel the effects of her energy work both during the session and for several days after. She's really helped me to release a lot of energetic blocks and come to terms with my own personal challenges. I'm incredibly grateful."

Rashawn F.

"Truly amazing.  Seemed a little intense from some videos online, but after meeting with Minh, I was so at ease and excited to give it a try.  I couldn't have found a better person to start my journey with. She truly cares and takes plenty of time with people to cover everything. I will going back regularly for more awakening experiences. Can't thank [Minh] enough"

Bob M.

"KALI with Minh is beyond an amazing experience. I really had no idea what the experience was going to be like but was intrigued to give it a try. KALI is medicine for the soul and life changing. If you are thinking of experiencing KALI, I highly recommend working with Minh."

Jack Z.


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Disclaimer: Please note: KALI is NOT advised for people prone to manic or psychotic episodes/schizophrenia and epilepsy. KALI is not safe for those prone to mania, delusion, or psychosis.

By attending a session, you certify that you have read and agree to the terms, privacy legal disclaimer.

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